Wicked Ft. Eric Krasno by GRiZ

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“Wicked” Ft. Eric Krasno

From my new album “Good Will Prevail”

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The Chainsmokers – Closer (Justin Caruso Remix) by Justin Caruso

This is music I love. Here is the soundcloud description below. Enjoy!
Always great to remix @thechainsmokers and the second they showed me this song I knew I wanted to give it the Justin Caruso treatment. Can’t thank you guys enough for all the support recently, it’s been unreal. Comment what you think about this one!


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Everything but the Girl, Jerome Isma-Ae & Ilan Bluestone – Missing My Skin (Daniel Padara Mashup) by Daniel Padara

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I create all my bootlegs with bought tracks!

Jan Blomqvist (Live) – Robot Heart x Mayan Warrior – Burning Man 2016 by Robot Heart

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“Normally I know that high expectations kill the vibe, so I always try to walk my way open minded and don’t expect anything special from the future, but this time I couldn’t help it. When the Robot told me that she wanted me to play the sunrise set and that we will be connected with the Mayan Warrior soundsystem, I could feel it already in Berlin a full three weeks before… Then when I finally took the bus over to Robot Heart it was even better than in my craziest expectations. This gig was by far the most emotional gig I have ever played. All I can say is thank you, I am even more happy now to be born on this weird planet which can be really beautiful sometimes, when you give it chance to be free. Thank you you for dancing with me and giving me so much Love. So here is my try to give something back.

(This set includes only sounds, samples, synths, basses, pianos, vocals and lyrics which are created, recorded and arranged by Jan Blomqvist, Felix Lehman & Ryan Mathiesen. Except the vocals at Dancing People are never wrong and one tiny vocal sample in the last track, you’ll recognize it)”

– Jan

Track list:

Drift | Empty Floor | Black Hole Nights | Something Says I Don’t Think About You | Dark Noise |Back In The Taxi | Dancing People Are Never Wrong | More | Unreleased Last Track


Photo: Seth Bunting

Art piece: Awakening


The human body is the most highly engineered object in existence, a machine of uncountable parts and unfathomable function. Its workings have served as inspiration for all of humanity’s greatest inventions. This work is an homage to the two most amazing mechanisms in that machine: the human eye and hand. The head is a 16 foot camera obscura demonstrating the ray optics principals underlying the spherical lensed eye humans posses and the hands are actuated mimicking the tendons and bones of the body. Together they represent what separates life from the rest of the universe, the ability to observe the world around us and manifest change in that world.

Nocturnal Nouveau 577 Love it:)? share it by Nocturnal?ouveau

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I have a Nocturnal club event in London December 3rd – Matt Nouveau v’s Matt Darey open to close epic set spinning all the deeper Nocturnal nouveau sounds followed by all those Nocturnal classics you heard on the end of year shows. Put it in your diary. Email [email protected] if your flying in for the event and we’ll make sure you get a ticket. One off intimate & exclusive show, only 250 tickets. Tickets on sale October 1st 20.00 GMT

1. Affkt feat Sutja Gutierrez – Someone in the Sky (Sisto Lucas Momesso Remix)
2. Affkt, Lopezhouse Feat Angela – Encrypted Name (Original Mix)
3. WhoMadeWho – Hi Low (Pezzner Remix)
4. Dizharmonia feat. Kled Moné – Emmanuel (Original Mix)
5. 16 Bit Lolitas Ft Lucy Iris – Stardust (Original Mix)
6. Modul Kollektiv – Control (Kruse Nuernberg Remix)
7. Pupkulies – Fou De Toi (Aaron Ahrends Remix)
8. Remix Martin Roth, Evans – Metamorphosis (Martin Roth Remix)
9. Oniris – Meharee (Original Mix)
10. Zialand – In The Dark (Evans Remix)
11. Uncle Dog feat Joy Serao – Feel Me (Taste Of Honey Remix)

All tracks available from http://www.beatport.com

dikomm & desomnia / dikommmusic / august 2016 by dikomm

This is music I love. Here is the soundcloud description below. Enjoy!
mixed by dikomm:

01 Sei A — Space In Your Mind (DJ Tennis Remix) [Aus Music]
02 Javiera Mena — Sincronia, Pegaso (HELMS Remix) [dikommmusic]
03 Chicane feat. Maire Brennan — Saltwater (Jody Wisternoff Remix) [Modena]
04 LoQuai — Artifacts [Refined Tunes]
05 Ri9or — Can You See [dikommmusic]

mixed by desomnia:

01 Bes & Meret — My Cocoon (Deep Dawn Remix) [Karmaloft Music]
02 Mert Eser — Let You In [keepitpure music]
03 London Grammar — Hey Now (JOBE Edit) [CD-R]
04 Sante feat. J.U.D.G.E — Awake (Agoria Remix) [AVOTRE]
05 Soul Button feat. Kara Square — Swift Minds [Cherry Pickers]