William DeAngelis + Sadhguru – Peace from Within by DharmaMix

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“Peace from Within”

We have fractured this humanity on the basis of nations, religions, race, caste, creed.

The separation — the differences — are essentially made up by our minds. Let us enjoy the differences as variety of life. Let us not use these differences to fracture humanity into many pieces.

Whatever you’re doing is important for you. If your work is important for you, if your love is important for you, if people around you are important for you, if this world is important for you, the first thing that you need to is work upon yourself.

The only gift that you can offer this world — the only gift that you can offer — is that you make yourself into a wonderful human being; a joyful one, a loving one, a blissful one, a wonderful human being.

If you do not know peace, how do world know peace? If there is no peace in your mind and your heart, there is not going to be peace in this world. Without individual transformation, there is no universal transformation.

Life is a purpose unto itself. Life does not find purpose because of what you do. Life is the largest phenomena. It does not need a purpose.

When a child enters your life, do not assume that it is time to teach. Know that it is time to learn. Everything that you have lost and forgotten about life, your child will remind you. To be able to laugh, to be able to dance, to be able to scream.

What you know as your body is just an outcrop of this planet. Prancing around like this to be again sucked back. We breath the same air, we eat out of the same planet, we are part of this soil upon which we walk.

The separation — the differences — are essentially made up by our minds. Let us enjoy the differences as culture. Let us enjoy the differences as variety of life. Let us not make these differences or, better yet, let us not use these differences to fracture humanity into many pieces.

Title: Peace from Within
Speaker: Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev
Musician: William DeAngelis


Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License

ClubLife by Tiësto Podcast 442 – First Hour by Tiësto

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Track List
001 Joe Stone & Daser – Freak (And You Know It) (Original Mix)
002 Michael Calfan & Empire Of The Sun – We Are The Treasured (Lodato Bootleg)
003 Alex Adair – Heaven (Kideko Remix)
004 Arty feat. Conrad – Braver Love
005 Ellie Goulding – Lights (Convex x Fransis Derelle Remix)
006 Ftampa – Strike It Up
007 John Christian – WHAT
008 Bingo Players – Curiosity (Henry Fong Remix)
009 MOTi – House of Now (Tiësto Edit)
010 WEE-O ft. Morgan Karr – Fighting For (Tiësto Edit)
011 Bobby Puma ft. Natalie Major – Someone, Somewhere (Tiësto Edit)
012 Firebeatz – Sky High (Tiësto Edit)
013 Dzeko and Torres ft. Delaney Jane – L’Amour Toujours (Tiësto Edit)

Dzeko & Torres Guest Mix

Back to School Mix 2015 by Kap Slap VIP

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Tearing Me Up by Bob Moses

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Artwork by Studio Joe & Nicholas Pomeroy.

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09/19- Symbiosis Festival- Oakdale, CA
09/23-27 – Decibel Festival – Seattle, WA
09/24- Decibel- Seattle, WA
09/30- Bowery Ballroom- New York, NY
10/01- U Street- Washington, DC
10/02- Jonny Brenda’s- Philadelphia, PA
10/03- Sinclair- Boston, MA
10/04- The Fairmont- Montreal, CA
10/06- CODA- Toronto, CA
10/08- Double Door- Chicago, IL
10/09- 7th Street Entry- Minneapolis, MN
10/10- CRSSD- San Diego, CA
10/11- Larimer Lounge- Denver, CO
10/14- Imperial- Vancouver, CA
10/15- Doug Fir- Portland, OR
10/17- Treasure Island- San Francisco, CA
10/20- Echo Plex- Los Angeles, CA
10/21- Valley Bar- Phoenix, AZ
10/23- Three Links- Dallas, TX
10/24- Red 7- Austin, TX
10/25- Rudyards British Pub- Houston, TX
10/28- Hi-Ho Lounge- New Orleans, LA
10/29- Aisle 5- Atlanta, GA
10/30- Warehouse- Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
10/31- The Garrett- Miami, FL

EG.541 Jan Blomqvist by Electronic Groove

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Website: http://ift.tt/1uEphyE
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Facebook: http://ift.tt/O3zSCm
Twitter: https://twitter.com/janblomqvist_
Instagram: http://ift.tt/1EiZhNP

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Webiste: http://ift.tt/1dMbn7L
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Instagram: http://ift.tt/1MB2Vt0

Jan Blomqvist is a Berlin-based live electronic artist, whose signature melancholic vocals, introspective melodies and lush beats are celebrated throughout the international dance music scene. With his band he performs dance-oriented electronic pop; as a solo artist, vocal techno.

As a child Jan was always singing. His open-minded parents immediately saw and encouraged his natural talent by exposing him to a variety of music and by giving him his first guitar. Fortunately or unfortunately he was not allowed to join the school band, so instead he formed his own band in a caravan in the woods. There they were free to play whatever music they wanted, which at that time was mostly melodic grunge and punk rock. While the band had moderate success it seemed unrealistic that it would become a career option at that point so after high school Jan, who was always keenly interested in the sciences, began studying aerospace engineering. Then, at the age of 21, he saw his first techno DJ and realized an alternative path in which music could in fact be a profession for him.

Jan continued making music, sharing his nights between producing and working at Berlin’s Week-End club where he earned enough behind the bar for even the odd educational trip to a Radiohead concert or sunday picnic at Bar 25. Through these inspiring experiences he began to form a new goal for himself as a musician, to bring a concert atmosphere to the dancefloor through strong vocals, detailed minimal beats and minor key melodies that are actually somehow uplifting. And more generally, to break up the monotony in the techno nightlife by injecting some pop and rock sensibilities back into the club scene.

In 2011 he got his first big break, a prime time slot at the fusion festival in front of 3000 people right before a big rainstorm. Then after 2 popular releases on Dantze and Stil vor Talent Records he got his next lucky punch, a beautiful video of a flawless live concert performance on the rooftop of Week-End club, which immediately went viral on YouTube and now has almost 2 million hits. This seamlessly flowed into what is now over 250 gigs in three years in places like Moscow, Paris, Istanbul, New York, Rome, Copenhagen, Brussels, Amsterdam, Milan, Athens, Budapest, Beirut, Tunis, Naples, Bucharest, Warsaw, Zurich, Marseilles, Montpellier, Thessaloniki, Munich, Vienna, London, and Dubai.

But in the background of all this and his numerous other collaborative releases Jan has been steadily working on his debut album, taking all the time he needs to get everything perfect. And its getting close now. Sonically it stays true to the big club sound and dark melodies that he is known for.

“It’s that imperfect sound that makes us,” Jan explains. “Emotional, honest, authentic, detailed, big-bassed, sometimes atonal, but mostly just indifferent to the rules. Because, more often than not, it is that wry-ish note that give you goosebumps.”