PREMIERE: Cid Inc. – Shifter (Original Mix) [Replug] by Progressive Astronaut

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Release Date: 30-06-2017

? Cid Inc. ?

? Replug ?

01. Cid Inc. – Shifter (Original Mix)
02. Cid Inc. – Wanderer (Original Mix)
03. Cid Inc. – Arcane Thoughts (Original Mix)
04. Cid Inc. – Days Like These (Original Mix)

Release Info:
Cid Inc’s 2016 ‘State of Everything’ EP marked a welcome return to his critically acclaimed Replug Records imprint. While focusing on material for Guy J’s Lost & Found Records and Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat Music, it ended what was a two year hiatus from original projects on his home label. Following a nomination as Beatport’s best progressive house artist for 2016, the new year began in spectacular fashion with a remix of ‘Pan-O-Rama’ by Roger Martinez, also coming courtesy of Replug Records. Delightfully driving and devilishly hypnotic the rework sits as the Finnish artist’s lone production of the year. As Cid Inc. has continued to travel the globe pushing his progressive minded sound, anticipation has grown for his first original project of 2017. Once again the stars have aligned for a return to Replug as he now presents his latest artist showcase entitled ‘Shifter’.

While distinctive in both cadence and design the Cid Inc sound is ever-evolving, proving his musical talent knows no boundaries. Played out over four stylistically diverse compositions the collection begins with the peak time opus and title cut ‘Shifter’. Electrically charged with thumping kicks and rising rhythmic structures it’s energetic intensity swarms over a four minute first act. As the beats fade into the main break buzzing synths and spine tingling pads converge for a minute of unadulterated bliss, before getting washed away into a killer drop.

Emotive and cinematic in equal measure, the fluid energy continues with ‘Wanderer’. It’s delicate framework is inspired, elusive yet charming, mesmerizing with each successive loop as percussive details fill in the storyboard. Melancholic chords rise into the second act as the groove remains locked, before the synth euphoria gets engulfed by a static wave and it’s bubbly effervesce carries you home.

Taking the journey into more emotive territory ‘Arcane Thoughts’ entices both the heart and mind. Exceptionally developed groove aesthetics make for a pulsating framework while Cid Inc’s musical imagination takes you on an expressive ride. Vivid melodies invite you into this impassioned beauty which eases wonderfully into the EP’s

Every Cid Inc project is met with much anticipation and ‘Shifter’ proves to be his most creative and stylistically diverse EP to date. Highly sought after and just in time for the summer festival season, the much loved artist has perhaps raised the bar yet again.





From Berlin With Love (Mixset By KempStarr) by KempStarr

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Zug der Liebe is coming! My Zdl Set will be maked with a lot of Tracks from this Podcast…. for downloading follow the link:

have fun and dont forget to make love…one love 🙂

Hisham Zahran – Year Mix [2016] by Hisham Zahran

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Probably one of the things i look forward to the most every year, is sharing these mixes with you guys. Thank you to everyone who’s been a part of my 2016. I couldn’t be more grateful. I hope you enjoy my take on 2016, and here’s to an even better 2017 🙂

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DJ Metatron – The Journey
Tod Terje – Snooze 4 Love (Ambient Version)
Tim Green – For A Distant Memory (Original Mix)
In2Deep & Fulltone – Vine Of The Soul (Powel Remix)
Love Over Entropy – Sea
Chaos In The CBD – Subterranean Storm (Original Mix)
Francis Harris – Leland
Fort Romeau – Diana
Mr Fingers – Qwazars
Quenum – 5AM (Matthew Jonson Remix)
Cornucopia – The Day You Got Older and Stronger
Dorisburg – Kassiopeia (Original Mix)
Clarian – Cosmic Microwave
Matthias Meyer-Uluwatu
Roman Flugel – 9 Years (Dj Koze Remix)
Atelier Francesco – You Are Ivy (Theory of Light Re-Imagination)
Sfire – Sfire 3 (John Talabot’s Tribalist Rework)
King Britt pres. Obafunke – Uzoamaka (SBTH Remix)
Ryan Davis – Brun (Luca Bacchetti Endless Remix)
Ingrid Lukas – We Are (Manuel Tur Remix)
Parple – Sacred
ZK Bucket – Let Your Body Control The Beat (The Drifter Remix)
Cubicolor – Dead End Thrills (Patrice Bäumel Remix)
Youandewan – Our Odyssey (Original Mix)
White Collar Boy – New Year (Dave DK Remix)
Quentin – Rain
John Talabot – Voices
Four Tet, Jamie XX, Romy – SeeSaw (Club Version) (Original Mix)
Acid Pauli – Nana
Tigerskin – This Place is Empty Without You
Portable – Say It’s Going To Change (Original Mix)
Bjarki – Can A Man
Traumprinz – 2 Bad (Metatron’s What If Madness Is Our Only Relief Mix)

The Anjunadeep Edition 155 with Tontario (Live from The Nest, London) by Anjunadeep

This is music I love. Here is the soundcloud description below. Enjoy!
The Anjunadeep Edition 155 with Tontario (Live from The Nest, London)

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Tontario joins us for this week’s Deep Edition, recorded live at The Nest, London.
Tontario’s ‘Solitude EP’ is out now:

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PREMIERE: Steve K. – Nightowl (Kellerkind Remix) [Lauter Unfug] by Progressive Astronaut

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Release Date: 03-07-2017

? Kellerkind ?

? Lauter Unfug ?

01. Steve K. – Nightowl (Original Mix)
02. Steve K. – Nightowl (Kellerkind Remix)
03. Steve K. – Inner Demon(Original mix)
04. Steve K. – Inner Demon (Sascha Dive’s Inner Dub)

Release Info:
Luxembourg’s delicate house and techno scene grows with one more producer hereby. Since years Steve K. is deeply connected as a DJ, now he gets the accolade by having his debut with our Lauter Unfug Musik No. 028. Being a nightowl by himself, this EP is called like this and includes two catchy originals, each with one stunning remix.

“Nightowl“ attracts with an intoxicating drive, which is caused by a dirty-low bassline and effective long-lasting sequences. When the notable voice begins, you’ll definitely know why getting captured can be a delightful feeling. Swiss-based Kellerkind chips in with the next remix on Lauter Unfug and thrives again. Adding a highly dramatic thrill on top of the shaking rhythm, plus a stirring tack on the synthbass, are the ultimate way to electrify the floor.

The „Inner Demon“ of Steve K. unwraps the slightly wobbling groove side. It’s a subtle and neat work. The resonating sounds and baffling elements are winding subconsciously into the minds and directly to the legs, as if it’s an endless dancer. Sascha Dive puts on one floor below in his remix – sprinkled with hushed cracklings. Wide open and highly intense, he creates a stimulating deepness which is right perfect for warm summer nights.





INSIDE (ft. MELI) by Joseph Ray

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The Smirnoff Sound Collective is global initiative celebrating diversity and inclusivity in electronic music. Along with other members of the collective and key industry mentors, Joseph Ray and Meli were brought together for a creative retreat at Rancho V studio complex Joshua Tree, California. During one of the SSC Retreats. Inspired by the creative collective and their fellow artists, Joe and Meli created the hypnotic ‘Inside’ – one of many songs created that week – which unfurls from a melodic and delicate house tune into a bass-infused, bellowing track that easily fills a dance floor with its booming power.

Joseph Ray is a member of Grammy award winning trio NERO – ‘Inside’ is the first in a series of solo releases from Joseph Ray coming this year, that includes a collaborative project with the Haitian band Lakou Mizik.

MELI is a Grammy nominated singer-songwriter and producer, with a burgeoning solo career, whose work has been popping up across multiple genres from hip-hop to EDM.

Picture by @gettiny
Vocals by

618 by Matt Nouveau

This is music I love. Here is the soundcloud description below. Enjoy!
1. Flowers And Sea Creatures, David Granha – Better Tomorrow (Futur-E remix)
2. Kieran Fowkes, Nandu, Just Her – Forget Our Love (Original Mix)
3. Flume, Kolsch, Little Dragon – Take a Chance (Kölsch Remix)
4. Way Out West – Lullaby Horizon (Original Mix)
5. Klangstof ‘Hostage’ (Shallou Remix)
6. Kymatik – New Dawn(Original Mix)
7. Paul Hazendonk, Amber Long – Closer (Simos Tagias Remix)
8. Maceo Plex – Shoulder of Orion (Original Mix)
9. Monolink – Burning Sun (DAVI Remix)
10. Pentatones – Glowing (Original Mix)
11. Fraems – Beneath (Ambassadeurs Remix)