Deeparture (nl) – Dreamliner (Kerry Leva Remix) by Proton

This is music I love. Here is the soundcloud description below. Enjoy!
Originally released in May 2017, Deeparture’s “Flight of Imagination” marked a stunning debut with a twin-track EP of melodic mastery and rhythmic intricacy. Returning to the Dutch artist’s EP, we now present remixes from hugely respected US and Irish icons.

Boston born but firmly ensconced in her adopted Los Angeles home, Kerry Leva, is an artist with 24-carat gold reputation. An accomplished pianist with an academic background studying at Berklee College of Music, Leva’s production and song-writing credentials are second to none. A regular collaborator with UK producers, Ad Brown and Matt Darey, further work with US star Adam Bayer has also seen Kerry Leva’s vocals and production technique shine through on the likes of Enhanced, Black Hole and Anjunabeats across the broad church of electronic music – from deep house and melodic techno to breaks and UK garage. Making her Proton Music debut in June 2014, remixing Embliss’ “Stronghold”, it is an honour to welcome Kerry Leva back to the label with an outstanding rework of “Dreamliner”. With a broken beat rhythm and seismic kick providing the backbone, a glorious array of new melodic foundations is laid echoing the components that are rooted firmly in Deeparture’s original and coming to the fore in the stripped back mid-point breakdown. Hypnotic in its execution a huge analogue bass line swells across the low-end as counterpoint melodies hit their stride in the third movement creating a work of genuine vision.

Requiring no introduction to the Proton Music faithful, Gavin Mulhall has been a leading light in the underground dance scene for well over decade through his Silinder production moniker. Demonstrating prowess from his Dublin home from the start, the Silinder name has found success on such high-profile imprints as Sudbeat, ICONYC and Perspectives Digital. Throughout his impressive career, Silinder has been a long-time contributor to Proton Music. A debut in 2011 saw a remix of Lank’s “Needless Solution” while three original EPs for the label in the shape of 2012’s “Corrupt”, 2013’s “Solas” and 2014’s “Basement”, has seen the Irishman shape the underground dance scene. Regularly supported by the cream of the international DJ circuit including, Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren and John Digweed, it is a privilege to welcome Silinder back to the label with an outstanding rework of “Trinidad”. Retaining the melodic sensibilities of Deeparture’s original, Silinder’s skill is to craft them into a new and dynamic interpretation that epitomises his distinctive sound. Full of club-friendly groove and driving rhythms, a warm bass progression lays the foundation for a collage of vocal snippets and melodic tropes, so central to the original, to evolve over the course of eight-minute offering. An intelligent remix, Silinder is at the top of his game.

Remixes from Kerry Leva and Silinder continuing the story in Deeparture’s “Flight of Imagination.”

Directed by Jay Epoch,
A&R by James Warren
Mastered by Kerry Leva, Cid Inc.
Design by Ben Mautner
Text by James Warren

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