DJEs Rejuvination 06_2012 by DJ_Es

This is music I love. Here is the soundcloud description below. Enjoy!
The Summer Soltice is Here!!! Time for some fun in the Sun and what better way to enjoy it then with some Awesome New Summer Music!!!! This month I bring some of the Latest and Greatest Tracks from some of the Freshest and Diverse Producers in our Solar System….New Music from Nick Muir, Chirs micali, Pryda, adamK, Quivver, Tomcraft, AlbinMyers, Arty, Dank, Answer42….. Lots of Banging Beats, Layered over some Lushous Melodies, and Harmonized with the spirit of Love!! This mix has some really nice Long mix’s at the beginning then Trancends into a Floor Stomper with its Electro Vibe!! Thanks once again to everyone for the Continued Support and most importantly for your Motivation….Much Respekt and Peace to All…

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