Fedde Le Grand – Dark Light Sessions 052 by Fedde Le Grand (Official)

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On air:
Week 30, Friday July 26th 2013

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Macbeth ( Edit ) by jodywisternoff

ANJUNADEEP 05 released today !!! This is a personal fav from my disk and has been a highlight of my DJ sets for the past 6 months . Hyped to have it finally out there , big thanks for listening xx

Release Date: 22nd July 2013
Pre-Order on iTunes: smarturl.it/anjunadeep05-itunes
Pre-Order CD: bit.ly/anjunadeep05-CD

Adam Freeland-Indefinable Mysterious Power -(DJ mix) by AdamFreeland

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Tom Demac-Critical Distance- Hrdvsion Remix
SCNTST-SunKing /(Snippet from Don’t Hate,Create- Nick Monaco)
Rob Made- Don’t Stop
Ettienne Jaumet- Satori- Jon Convex Remix
Justin Martin & Eats Everything-Harpy
Gorgon City -Thor
ZZT-Party’s Over Los Angeles- Jon Convex Remix.
Jimmy Edgar Heartkey
Hidden Cat- Comb
Dog Blood -Middlefinger
Oliver-Night is on My Mind
Djedjotronic -Kaiko
Phil Kieran -I can’t go on
Scuba- The Hope (AF re-edit)
Lana Del Rey -Summer time sadness- Adam Freeland Remix
Clouds – Consciousness / Jackson & His Computer Band- Utopia
Ken Ishii & Marc Romboy -Seiun- Max Cooper remix
Rachel Row-Follow the Step- Kink Beat remix
Djs Pareja-Saxo Temor
Madmotormiquel, Sebo-Don’t Eat
Ian Pooley-CompuRhythm

-Contains samples from Mahatma Ghandi’s speech
Recorded in 1931 at London’s Kingsley Hall

I believe.

i believe that evolution facilitated by technology & education will one day bring a global awareness that will lead to a mutual agreement to preserve life at all costs. I believe this awareness will help us adopt a common understanding that each and every human life is just as important as the next and that war is simply counter productive. i believe that social media platforms like facebook, twitter, google, linkedin, reddit, etc, the millions of blogs and websites created by people to share themselves in whatever unique way they desire, and the countless other similar tools of mass communication on the web will eventually bring us closer together and onto the same page. i believe the more we connect with each other, the less we will see differences in one another. the more we share with each other, the more we will realize how similar we really are. the more we communicate with each other, the deeper and more in alignment the understanding of our entire species becomes. then, i believe, there will be a profound realization that we are all striving for the same exact thing. and thats when the only thing that will make sense will be to sincerely appreciate and respect each and every living thing upon this beautiful planet. i hope that day comes sooner than later, but regardless… i believe it’s coming. 🙂

Random Acts of Kindness

It’s important to be a good person no matter how hard that might sometimes be. Ultimately, if the world is full of people who are successful in this goal, the world will quickly become a better place. By paying it forward, we are paving the way for a better life for all. Just imagine what it would feel like if we could walk down any road knowing that everyone we pass by has our best interest in mind simply because they realize we are all the same. Or even imagine what it would be like in business. How many businesses do you know that do what they do because they love helping people in whatever way they contribute. Someone who isn’t working for a massive stack of Benjamin’s. I believe this philosophy to be the next step in our evolution. And I try to incorporate it into the way I do business with everyone.