Radio Therapy Broadcast – December 2017 by Dave Seaman

This is music I love. Here is the soundcloud description below. Enjoy!
1. Dave Seaman ‘Virgo Ryzin’ [Selador]
2. Eliahh feat. Valentine ‘The Past’ (Sascha Braemer) [Bar 25]
3. JOBE ‘Anomaly’ [Chapter 24]
4. Squire feat. Vettel ‘Lost Again’ (Olderic) [Supernature]
5. Mongo ‘Spacewalker’ (Athea) [High Tide]
6. Monolink ’Sirens’ (Patrice Baümel) [Embassy Of Sound]
7. AFFKT ‘Pentode’ (Audiojack) [Sincopat]
8. Diaz & Parree ‘Act Out Sexually’ (Patrick Kunkel & Nihil Young) [Frequenza]
9. JOBE ‘Changes’ [Chapter 24]
10. Stelios Vassiloudis & Nils Nuernberg ‘Eyes Turned Skywards’ [Selador]
11. André Hommen ‘Quiche Bells’ [Vivrant]
12. Stephan Bodzin ‘Strand’ [Afterlife]

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