Blue Dot V (DJ Mix) by We Are All Astronauts

Welcome back to the Blue Dot world. It’s time for a journey. As always, thank you to all the amazing artists and thank you all for listening. Any sharing of the mixtape is encouraged and much appreciated 🙂

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00:00:00 MER-A – Mare Australe (BDV Edit) [SoundCloud]

00:03:30 Joachim Heinrich – The Masks Fall (Original Mix) [Bandcamp]…
00:04:00 Jon Hopkins – C O S M (Original Mix) [Domino]…
00:09:00 We Are All Astronauts – Expansion (Original Mix) [Unreleased]
00:11:30 Logic Moon – Oblivion (Original Mix) [Archives]…
00:13:00 Helios – Friedel (BDV Edit) [Unseen]…
00:17:20 Delectatio – Saudade (Original Mix) [Bandcamp]…
00:20:30 Sigur Rós – Ég Anda (BDV Edit) [Parlophone]…
00:25:45 Joachim Heinrich – An Elephant For Mum (Original Mix) [Bandcamp]…
00:28:30 Olan Mill – Country (BDV Edit) [Serein]
00:29:45 Rhian Sheehan – Between Us and the Dying Starlight (Original Mix) [Loop]…
00:33:45 Logic Moon – Buried In Time (Original Mix) [Archives]…
00:34:30 Jon Hopkins – Luminous Beings (Original Mix) [Domino]…
00:35:00 Purl & Deflektion – Growing [Dewtone]…
00:38:00 Maribou State feat. Holly Walker – Nervous Tics (Original Mix) [Counter Records]
00:40:45 Rival Consoles – What Sorrow (BDV Edit) [Erased Tapes]…
00:44:30 Jóhann Jóhannsson – Flight from the City (Original Mix) [Deutsche Grammophon]…
00:48:00 Helios – Dreams (Original Mix) [Unseen]…
00:51:30 This Will Destroy You – Villa del Refugio (BDV Edit) [Magic Bullet]…
00:54:30 Blure – Caida (BDV Edit) [Sekai]…
00:55:45 Cobalt Rabbit – Tamara (Original Mix) [Insight Music]…
00:57:45 Brambles – In The Androgynous Dark (Original Mix) [Serein]…
01:01:15 Kryshe – Hauch (Original Mix) [Serein]
01:03:30 Essáy – Colours Of Liz (Original Mix) [Unreleased]…
01:09:00 Stray Theories – We Never Left (Original Mix) [Bandcamp]…
01:09:30 Quatri – How Far Can You Go (Original Mix) [Nie Wieder Schlafen]…
01:11:30 Max Cooper – Hope (BDV Edit) [Mesh]
01:11:45 Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal (BDV Edit) [Domino]…
01:12:45 Bon Iver – Re Stacks (BDV Edit) [Jagjaguwar]…
01:15:45 Ólafur Arnalds ft. Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir – Particles [Erased Tapes]…
01:19:00 Nils Frahm – For (BDV Edit) [Erased Tapes]
01:20:00 Abul Mogard – The Purpose Of Peace (original Mix) [Ecstatic Recordings]…
01:23:00 Rhian Sheehan – Elegy For The Past (We Are All Astronauts Remix) [Loop]

A Life Less Ordinary (August ’18) A Saturo Sounds Show by nickdenny

This is music I love. Here is the soundcloud description below. Enjoy!
A Life Less Ordinary returns to Saturo Sounds for the August outing. Here’s 2 hours of deep, emotive, groovy and stomping sounds, from house to electronica and progressive. Bigging up my Saturo brothers here also, take a bow Ivan James, Paper Samurai and GuyRo for some storming releases.

A Life Less Ordinary Show Episode #13
August 6th 2018

1. Devils and Dust (InFiction Remix) – Bruce Springsteen (InFiction)
2. Rooting for You (Robero remix) – London Grammar
3. Twin Flames (Izzet Remix) – Rafa’EL (Particles)
4. Amae (Sasha fabric1999 Mix) – BAILE (Last Night On Earth)
5. Heliopolis (Framewerk’s Floating in Space Mix) – Banco De Gaia (Capital Heaven)
6. Deepwater – Synus Audio (Itom Records)
7. Mr Tiddles (Jaap Ligthart Edit) – Sasha
8. Searchlight – The Revenge (Dirt Crew Recordings)
9. Lanza – Universal Solution (Silk Music)
10. Acumbens – Thimble (Seven Villas)
11. Aurora – Jero Nougues (Particles)
12. Time Life – JFAlexsander (Deepwit Recordings)
13. Kattegat – Maxi Degrassi (Seven Villas)
14. Flowers (Icarus Soft Focus Mix) – Icarus (FFRR)
15. No Boundary – Low Contrast (Itom Records)
16. Phenomenon (GuyRo 2-Pole SEM Remix) – Lily Pita (ICONYC)
17. Interlude (Antrim Unoffcial Remix) – London Grammar
18. I Can’t Forget You – Elliott Lion (Futureboogie Recordings)
19. Rain Upon My Skin (Crocy Remix) – Airwave (Bonzai Progressive)
20. Serpentine – Ivan James (Gibbon Records)
21. Wavy Gravy (Paper Samurai R35tack) – Sasha
22. Apollo – ReTTriger (OLD SQL Recordings)
23. Nightride – Austin Pettit (Intricate Records)

Thanks for listening

Ryan Davis – 18CAST by Ryan Davis

This is music I love. Here is the soundcloud description below. Enjoy!
Booking: [email protected]

In this years podcast it is all about bringing together melodic electronic music genres i am into. From ambient classical over broken beats and band infused drums to deep and energetic house tunes, analog techno infused sounds and field recording noises.

The Story of the mix can be imagined as a day and night theme. First getting out of the bed with Max Richter´s great Vivaldi recomposition beginning the day with moody downtempo music and catching up speed during the hours into the afternoon. From there you start to get ready for the evening, meet up with some friends while the mix is changing to a stronger drive transporting you into the night where you are dancing in the club with your friends to energetic tunes and let yourself go till the morning sun rises. The last part is escorting you get back on your way home to fall asleep happily in your bed dreaming about the memories you just experienced. The good thing is you can experience this Mix as many times as you want.

As usual i put a lot of effort in this mix and edited, fused or rearranged songs as well as adding new melodies or drum patterns. Of course you can make your own story with the music and get lost in the
synergy of the great works by all the artists that made this mix possible with their great music.

Stardust (Work In Progress) by Bryce Poole

This is music I love. Here is the soundcloud description below. Enjoy!
A live space ambient jam from the modular synth. Voices from MI Rings, Modulation from MI Stages, sequenced with Ornament and Crime, reverb from Erbe-Verb.

Recorded as a live take, no post-processing aside from some compression, stereo widening, and a bit of trimming for time.

Hollywood Principle – If Only (Ether Remix) by Ether

This is music I love. Here is the soundcloud description below. Enjoy!
Hollywood Principle – If Only feat. AL3JANDRO (Ether Remix)

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SEGG?Chromacast 064 [Deep House] by CHROMACITY

This is music I love. Here is the soundcloud description below. Enjoy!
Follow: @seggmusic

Today we’re happy to present SEGG. Up and coming French producer started moving his first steps in music since at a young age, but his first vibes were actually brought to life as a result of the years he spent in Switzerland during his youth. He learned how to play guitar, piano, bass, drums and developed a strong vocal ability and his first influences were from folk melodies to traditional world music.

He then discovered electronic music in between Lausanne, Berlin and New York, and matured a passion in producing electronic music, which went hand in hand with his classical and jazz training background.

Nostalgic harmonies rooted in the dynamic rhythms that transport crowds all around, from the mountains of Switzerland to the blocks of concrete of the German clubs..
Just like a photographer, Segg seamlessly blends these two extremes with his unique emotional touch.

Moving to London was a big step towards the start of his music career by, entering Point Blank music school to refine his production skills.

His first projects were well received from the industry, with supports from Acid Pauli, Nicole Moudaber, Bedouin, Timujin, Lee Van Dowski, Sasha, Richie Hawtin, Maceo Plex, Eli & Fur. He s actually finalising some new exciting projects, including a new EP with Keybe out very soon..

Tontario – When We Dip Radio #31 [20.10.17] by When We Dip Radio

This is music I love. Here is the soundcloud description below. Enjoy!
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Listen back now in full to the latest episode of When We Dip radio w/ Ibiza Sonica. Joining us most recently on the weekly program was a Finnish producer, who has caught all the right eyes and ears in recent months – Anjunadeep regular Tontario. The rising talent delivered a simply exquisite 60 minute recording for the occasion. Hope you enjoy!


When We Dip: