LIB 2017 Exclusive – Perfectly Strange Mix by Perfect Stranger

This is music I love. Here is the soundcloud description below. Enjoy!
I am humbled and excited to represent the psychedelic sound to the dwellers of Thunder Stage of Lightning In A Bottle festival in California in less than 2 months from now.

We thought it would be nice to compile a little Perfectly Strange journey for the occasion:

01. Critical Choice – Roots ( Perfect Stranger remix )
02. Liquid Ace – Psychic Experience ( Perfect Stranger 2017 rework )
03. Liquid Ace – Psychic Experience ( Captain Hook remix )
04. Sphera & Perfect Stranger – Done That ( Merkaba remix )
05. Grouch & Perfect Stranger – Ionic Defibulizer ( Grouch version )
06. Ritmo – Follow Me ( Perfect Stranger 2017 rework )
07. Eat Static – Contact ( Perfect Stranger remix )
08. LOUD – Loose Senses ( Perfect Stranger remix )
09. Atmos – KNS ( Perfect Stranger 2016 rework )
10. Gaudi feat. Michael Rose – Put Your Guns Down ( Perfect Stranger remix )

* As you might possibly have noticed there are few tracks that are reworks of some very dated Perfect Stranger productions ( KNS and Psy X are over 10 years old 🙂 ) – all these will appear on the forthcoming 11 Double CD by Iboga Records this year, to sum up what we had till now and remind me that the project is only 11 years young and I shouldn’t get lazy.


Iboga Radio Show 25 – From the future by IbogaRecords

This is music I love. Here is the soundcloud description below. Enjoy!
Martin Vice, Alexander Descroix and Iboga Records bring you a smashing 25th edition of the Iboga Radio Show.

This time the guys are showcasing current and future releases on Iboga records along with an interview together with Iboga Superstar Captain Hook.

Tonights playlist:

1. Gaudi & Tripswitch – The Truth (Original mix)
2. Sphera – Micro Poetry (Original mix)
3. Perfect Stranger – Manifestation (Original mix)
4. MrWhat – Likes Viewz Followers (Original mix)
5. Suntree & Easy Riders – From Another Perspective (Original mix)
6. Captain Hook – Vertebra L2 (Pitchbend Remix)
7. Ace Ventura & Zen Mechanics – Come with Us (Lish Remix)
8. Flowjob – Lose Your Shoes (Original mix)
9. Zen Baboon – Love Road (Boom Mix)