SB090 | Cid Inc. ‘Contrite’ (Original Mix) by Sudbeat Music

This is music I love. Here is the soundcloud description below. Enjoy!
Sudbeat favourite Cid Inc. returns with this new package including three originals that have been pushing up dance floors worldwide! ‘Moonstruck’ is bubbling warm powerhouse, a throbbing mass of warmth, with slightly darker hints underpinning, as we drive ahead at full speed. Punchy and yet with a party edge, this is a biggie. ‘Contrite’ slows the pace a tad, with beautiful layered melodious cascading, wrapping around you, like a big hug from a good friend. A slight wonkiness adds to the tension and sophistication, as this gem unfurls its magical spell. ‘Formation’ is all about the bass, as its top line strides forward, before the warm tripped out stuttery effected drop that encapsulates your mind, before sheets of dreaminess ooze effortlessly glaze this sound cape of coolness.