Grum – BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix by GRUM

This is music I love. Here is the soundcloud description below. Enjoy!
Broadcast 24th May 2014.

“The idea with this Essential Mix was to create a really beautiful journey through the electronic music that l love. I’ve got long lost vinyl only cuts from 2000 mixed with modern artists such as Eric Prydz, Guy J and Henry Saiz. Plus I’ve created several exclusive edits for this mix”. Grum, May 2014.

1. Grum – The Touch (Solaris Heights Remix) [Heartbeats]
2. Manu Riga – Cimmerian (Van Bellen Remix) [Bonzai Progressive]
3. Ambassador – The Fade (Guy J Remix) [Lost & Found]
4. Grum – The Theme [Heartbeats]
5. London Grammar – Hey Now (acapella)
6. Natious – Amber (Grum Remix) [White Label]
7. Timmo – Canvas [Drumcode]
8. Hunter_Game – Keep The Other Things Out (Petar Dundov Remix) [My Favourite Robot]
9. Bluefish – One [Quad Communications]
10. The Japanese Popstars – Vision [Bedrock]
11. Sasha – Xpander [Deconstruction]
12. Grum – Raindrop (Sunset Mix) [Heartbeats]
13. Henry Saiz – Madre Noche (Original mix) [Progrez]
14. Grum – Builder [White Label]
15. New Order – Crystal (Bedrock Remix) [London Records]
16. Pryda – Lycka [Pryda Recordings]
17. Humate – Choose Life [Superstition Records]
18. Gregor Tresher – Nightcolors [Break New Soil]
19. Cirez D – Drums In The Deep [Mouseville]
20. Powerdove – September Soul [Marc et Claude’s]
21. Underworld – Dark & Long (Grum Remix) [White Label]
22. Grum – Arms [White Label]
23. Sigma – Nobody To Love (Grum Remix)
24. Filterheadz – Yimanya [Additive]
25. Orbital – Halcyon [FFRR]
26. Grum – Tears [Trice Recordings]
27. Slam – Eterna (John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix) [Soma]
28. Grum – The Touch (Andre Sobota Remix) [Heartbeats]

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El Laberinto de Henry Saiz en Radio 3. Ep #01 “Bienvenidos al Laberinto” by Henry Saiz

This is music I love. Here is the soundcloud description below. Enjoy!
El Laberinto de Henry Saiz se estrena con un episodio a modo de introducción en el que se explora la analogía entre música y laberintos a través de una selección de temas que invitan a perderse en ellos. Contamos en esta ocasión con el productor y Dj Marc Marzenit como colaborador invitado y presentamos un track desconocido en la sección “Rara Avis”. Recuerda que puedes consultar el tracklist completo del episodio en nuestro perfil oficial de Facebook:


1. Borealis – Yamino (Into the Boundary)
2. Movement – Ivory
3. XES feat Origa – Black Tears
4. StereoCool – Comet Rider
5. David Douglas – Selene
6. Igor Cold – Far North Maps
7. Savant – Prototype
8. Brassica – Modern Magic
9. Francois K – Time and Space
10. Chrome Sparks – Star Step
11. Caribou – All I Ever Need
12. Renzo Cops – Laberintic
13. Sisterhood – Tunnels (Bicep Remix)

Gabriel & Dredsen Present Organized Nature Episode 35 by gabrielanddresden

This is music I love. Here is the soundcloud description below. Enjoy!
1. Christian Loeffler – Beirut – (KI Records)
2. Joy Wellboy – Before The Sunrise (Dixon Edit) -(Bpitch Control)
3. The Shins – New Slang – (acappella) – (Sub Pop)
4. Olaf Stuut – Libre – (Manual Music)
5. Daniel Avery – Knowing We’ll Be Here – (Phantasy Sounds)
6. Nevee – So Intentional – (Andre Sobota Remix) – (Sound Avenue)
7. Luke Abbot – Brazil – (Slow Version) – (Border Community)
8. Arthur Oskan – Maximillian – (My Favorite Robot)
9. Henry Saiz – Afraid – (Jeremy Olander Remix) -(Natura Sonoris)
10. Andre Kraml – Safari – (James Holden Remix, G&D edit) – (Crosstown Rebels)
11. Nicholas Bougaieff – Laser Input – (Traum Shallplatten)
12. Teho & Van Did – Hope – (Knockout Edit) – (Herzblut Recordings)
13. Gabriel & Dresden – New Ground – (Organized Nature)
14. Iketa – Burn (Max Cooper Remix) – (Visionary Mind Records)

The Labyrinth #17 – Roots of “Reality” Part 1 – by Henry Saiz

First part of 2 of an special set I did using music (classic or contemporary) that influenced my album “Reality is for those who are not strong enough to confront their dreams”

1. Andreas vollenweider ID (cassette sample) + Robert Redford “The Languaje and music of the wolves” (vinyl sample)
2. Tales from Underground “Lotus” (Enzo Elia Afro Deutsch Edit) Henry Saiz Downtempo edit + Pink Floyd “Shine on you crazy diamond” (Sample)
3. Mike Oldfield “Foreign Affair” (Hal Incandenza Edit)
4. Poolside “Everything”
5. Enya “Orinoco Flow” (Hal Incandenza Tape Remix)
6. Dharma “Plastic Doll” Instrumental (Henry Saiz edit)
7. Candy Duffer & David Steward “Lilly was here”
8. Project E “Megacity”
9. Park Hill “Beres”
10. Umberto “Final Revelation”
11. Desiree “Don´t Call”
12. Martin Brodin “Dumb Dan Gamma Ray Balearic Version” vs Desiree “Don´t Call” Henry Saiz Mashup
13. The Alan Parsons Project “Gamma Ray”
14. Aphex Twin “Bbydhyonchord”
15. Valerie Doré “King Arthur” (Henry Saiz Edit)
16. Everything but the girl “Missing” acapella
17. Mooryc “Simply”
18. Mattias Fridell “Gummosity”
19. Jullian Gomes “Overshadowed” (Atjazz Galaxy Aart Dub)
20. Omar S “Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself”
21. Matt Karmil “Reverse Peephole”
22. Galarude “Cero” (Dj Harvey Remix)
23. Zombi “Watch the world from a plane”
24.Kate Bush “Running up that Hill” (Ashley Beedle remix)