Ryan Davis – 18CAST by Ryan Davis

This is music I love. Here is the soundcloud description below. Enjoy!
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In this years podcast it is all about bringing together melodic electronic music genres i am into. From ambient classical over broken beats and band infused drums to deep and energetic house tunes, analog techno infused sounds and field recording noises.

The Story of the mix can be imagined as a day and night theme. First getting out of the bed with Max Richter´s great Vivaldi recomposition beginning the day with moody downtempo music and catching up speed during the hours into the afternoon. From there you start to get ready for the evening, meet up with some friends while the mix is changing to a stronger drive transporting you into the night where you are dancing in the club with your friends to energetic tunes and let yourself go till the morning sun rises. The last part is escorting you get back on your way home to fall asleep happily in your bed dreaming about the memories you just experienced. The good thing is you can experience this Mix as many times as you want.

As usual i put a lot of effort in this mix and edited, fused or rearranged songs as well as adding new melodies or drum patterns. Of course you can make your own story with the music and get lost in the
synergy of the great works by all the artists that made this mix possible with their great music.

Episode 002 by k?n

This is music I love. Here is the soundcloud description below. Enjoy!
Tracklist :

Lake People – Distance
Hyenah – Tale from The Dirt feat. Aquarius Heaven (Rampa remix)
Howling – Signs (Radioslave & Thomas Gandey remix)
Lee Van Dowski – 050504
Populette – Populace
Ben Klock – Sean
Boot & Tax – Il Canto
Nils Penner – I Can Be
The XX – Reunion (Âme remix)
Aidan Lavelle & Robbie Akbal – Stars feat. ShawniStars (André Hommen remix)
Mark Henning – Exit Acid feat. Dejan
KIM – Kloser
Detroit Swindle – Heads Down
Broke One – Polar Opposites (Matthias Zimmermann remix)
Nick Warren & Guy Mantzur – Sad Robot (Musumeci remix)
Skream – Still Lemonade (Redshape remix)
Hunter Game – Hexagon
Darlyn Vlys – Floor 122 (Santé & Sidney Charles Remix)
Clip! – Missing Out
Voigt & Voigt — Supertrip
Of Norway – Spirit Light feat. Linnea Dale (Lehar remix)
Chad Andrew, Counrad – Ira Orion – Gravity (BLD rework)
Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal (George Fitzgerald Remix)