Dreamstate Radio By Vini Vici #013 by vinivicimusic

Dreamstate Radio by Vini Vici #013
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A monthly Radio Show / Podcast By Vini Vici.
We will be featuring latest and hottest Psy Trance tracks we’ve selected especially for each show and we’ll Spotlight our favorite track of the month and will bring you our most loved Classic Tracks from the past!

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Dreamstate By Vini Vici – Your Psy Trance Destination
1. R3HAB vs. Vini Vici ft. PANGEA & DEGO – Alive
2. Freedom Fighters – Recycled (Morten Granau Remix)
3. Blastoyz & David Gravell – Never Sleep
4. Metagon – Mist
5. Bubble & The Freak Show – Hasma
6. Coexist – Cluster One
7. Phanatic – Mind Control
8. Mark Brenton & Hauul – Beyond Words
9. SyncTronik & Kassus – Under Pressure
10. Ziki – Shanghai Lights
11. Off Limits Vs. Rising Dust – Rock Out
12. Mystical Complex & DAPANJI – Distigma (Bassfactor Remix)
13. Oforia – Special Offer
14. OxiDaksi – Come Again

Good Vibes Only

Metropolis 057 [PROTON RADIO] by Gerard Bozyk

This is music I love. Here is the soundcloud description below. Enjoy!
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Lane 8 – Skin & Bones feat. Patrick Baker (Enamour Remix) [This Never Happened]
IKARIUS – Join The Pack (Monje Remix) [Hydrogen]
Cream & Deep Fog – Palladium (Original Mix) [Magnitute Recordings]
Yotto – Radiate (Original Mix) [Anjunadeep]
Teleport-X – Mistery Sun (Original Mix) [Soundteller Records]
Corren Cavini – Out There (Vocal Mix) [Manual Music]
Gai Barone – Flash (Original Mix) [Bonzai Progressive]
Dabeat, Kamilo Sanclemente (Original Mix) [BeatFreak Recordings]

Emi Galvan / Flowing / Episode 5 by Emi Galvan

This is music I love. Here is the soundcloud description below. Enjoy!
Emi Galvan / Flowing / Episode 5
Proton Radio – Apr 2018

01. Eleven Sins – Hypnotized
02. Alfa State & Mystic District – Into the Valley
03. Lessovsky – Nostrum
04. Christian Monique – Celestial Body (Fabri Lopez Remix)
05. Hot TuneiK – Presents OneTwo (Robert R. Hardy Remix)
06. Lio Q – Manare
07. Karmon – Major Minor
08. EANP – Communication
09. Nicolas Rada – Tempelhof (Dmitry Molosh Remix)
10. Speaking In Tongues – Passenger
11. MGMT – Little Dark Age (Ri Za Medieval Bootleg)

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LIGHTWORKS – March 2018 by Ingo Vogelmann

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Ingo Vogelmann’s “LIGHTWORKS” show is one of the longest standing and one of the most successful DJ mix shows since underground electronic dance music has been broadcast through the internet, since 2005.

Episodes here are from 2012 on, FREE DOWNLOADS, in the highest possible quality.


Navar – You Find (Extended Mix) [Replug]
Nicolas Rada – Tempelhof (Dmitry Molosh Remix) [Sound Avenue]
Navar – Moonstruck [Replug]
Andrea Cassino – Divine (Ejaz Ahamed Remix)
Jawjee – Sever [Pro B Tech Music]
Paolo Mojo – Kangiten [Sudbeat]
Nicolas Rada – Schiphol (Hot TuneiK Remix) [Sound Avenue]
Fell Reis – Renaissance [MYR]
Oscar Vazquez & Pablo Muniz – Walking Over The Line [Mallam]
Miraculum – Intimacy (Andrea Cassino Remix) [Soundteller Records]
Vakabular – Quarantine [Suffused Music]
Paul Angelo & Don Argento – Tribute (Alfonso Muchacho Rmx) [Superordinate Music]
Matias Carafa – Domingo [Suffused Music]
Tone Depth & Ampish – Corinth [Slideways]
Ethereal Mist – Last Goodbye [Clubsonica Records]
Paul Sawyer – Apollo [Dino Audio]
Fell Reis – Event Horizon [MYR]
Vakabular – Man Who Knows the Weather [Suffused Music]
Erich Von Kollar & Radicz – Polaris (Hot TuneiK Remix)

TIME OUT – March 2018 by Ingo Vogelmann

This is music I love. Here is the soundcloud description below. Enjoy!
“TIME OUT” is the mother of all Ambient/Chill Out shows, with its more than 11 years being broadcast regularly, and 16 years since the first episode. This show has been the first in many regards whilst always renewing itself and adapting its sound to the now.

Episodes here are from 2012 on, FREE DOWNLOADS, in the highest possible quality, plus the first 3 episodes ever mixed, from 2002, with original artwork and remastered LOSSLESS sound (ALAC/Apple Lossless/*.m4a) as download!


Aes Dana Feat. Field Rotation – Anthrazit [Ultimae Records]
Phutureprimitive – Boundless
Motionfield – Cloudburst (main)
State Azure – A Fragile Purpose [[no label]]
State Azure – Moth [Silk Music]
Connect.Ohm – 9980 [Ultimae Records]
H.U.V.A. Network – Orientations, Part 2 (Ephemeride 15.43°) [Ultimae Records]
Lights & Motion – Bloom
Carbon Based Lifeforms – Loss Aversion [Blood Music]
State Azure – Slipstream [Silk Music]
M-Seven – Invisible [Café del Mar Music]
Abakus – Storm [Modus]
Zero Cult – Sweet Apathy
Balmorhea – Masollan [Western Vinyl]
Kodomo – Orange Ocean (Loscil Remix)
Grandbrothers – Bloodflow
Northcape – Eukaryote [Sun Sea Sky Productions]
Niklas Paschburg – Spark [7K!]
Cell – Second Shape, Part II [Ultimae Records]
Federico Albanese – By the Deep Sea

Ultra Sound 22 with Matter [Mar 2018] by Matter

This is music I love. Here is the soundcloud description below. Enjoy!
// Tracklist

1 Henry Saiz, Tentacle – The Prophetess (Brian Cid Remix) [Natura Sonoris]
2 ID – ID
3 Nick Warren & Tripswitch – Voight Kampff (Cid Inc. Remix) [Onedotsixtwo]
4 Matias Chilano – Micron [Movement Recordings]
5 ID – ID
6 Matias Chilano – Timeline [Movement Recordings]
7 Jerome Isma Ae, Alastor – Kubrick (Cid Inc. Extended Remix) [Jee Productions]
8 Cream – ID
9 Simply City – Glass Elevator (Dimuth K Remix) [Particles]
10 Michael & Levan And Stiven Rivic – Nostalgia (Plus Thirty Remix) [ICONYC]

DJ Endo – Algorhythms in E minor [Radio Set] by ENDO

This is music I love. Here is the soundcloud description below. Enjoy!
Recorded Live January 16, 2010 on 88.1 WMBR FM Boston on Algorhythms. This entire set is in the key of E Minor.

1. Beat Pharmacy – House Of Love [Deep Space Media] – Nov. 2008
2. Gaiser – Mfnstmp (Bass Stem) [Minus] – Nov 2009
3. Mark De Pulse – To Zaire [Ostwind Records] – Jan 2010
4. Kyka – Walls Are Talking [Cabrio Records] – Dec 2009
5. Metrik – Into the Future [Intrinsic Recordings] – Feb 2008
6. Uniq – Metaphora (Retroid Remix) [Morphosis Records] – June 2009
7. Victory Pill – Freefall (Steve Lavers Remix) [Cyberfunk] – Dec 2008
8. Unkle – Reign [Global Underground] – April 2004
9. Unkle – Glow [Global Underground] – November 2004
10. BSD – You Must Find Strength [IBreaks] – September 2009
11. D*Note – Shed My Skin
12. Conjure One feat. Sinead O Connor – Tears From The Moon (Hybrids Twisted on the Terrace Mix) [Water Music Records] – May 2007
13. Infusion – So Soon (Spooky Remix) [Omnis Recordings] – September 2009
14. Way Out West – Future Perfect [Hope Recordings] – November 2009
15. Hybrid – Formula Of Fear (Uberzone Vocal Mix) [Distinct’ive Records] – September 2008
16. Smithmonger – Granite Jelly w/ Queen – We Will Rock You (acapella)
17. C83 – Twisted Logic [En:Vision] – September 2004
18. Prompt – Crystalline [7 Noise] – July 2009
19. The Chemical Brothers – Galaxy Bounce [Warner Music] – 2001
20. Infusion – So Soon (Infusions 4am Remix)[Omnis Recordings) – September 2009

Mind Games Podcast 063 (Live, PDJ TV Intense February 2017) by Miss Monique

This is music I love. Here is the soundcloud description below. Enjoy!
Booking: [email protected]
1 Sebastian Weikum – Midnight Train (Original Mix)
2 Cristoph – Rapture (Original Mix)
3 Matan Caspi – Ambrosia (Original Mix)
4 Paul Thomas – Sunrise (Stan Kolev Remix)
5 Dezza – Stratos (Lee Fraser Remix)
6 Pete K – Altair (Original Mix)
7 Miss Monique – ID
8 Pryda – Choo (Original Mix)
9 Solid Stone – Understatement (Extended Mix)
10 Above & Beyond feat. Zoe Johnston – Peace Of Mind (Max Freegrant Remix)

Group Therapy 164 with Above & Beyond and Nick Sember by Above & Beyond

This is music I love. Here is the soundcloud description below. Enjoy!
Group Therapy 164 with Above & Beyond and Nick Sember

iTunes Podcast: bit.ly/ABGTpodcast


1. Rufus ‘Like An Animal’ [Yotto Remix] (Sweat It Out)
2. Hans Zimmer ’S.T.A.Y.’ [Maor Levi Remix] (White)
3. Daun Giventi ‘Sutra’ (Enhanced Progressive)

Record of The Week
4. Jason Ross & Wrechiski ‘Frontier’ (Anjunabeats)

5. Above & Beyond feat. Justine Suissa ‘Little Something’ [Super8 & Tab Remix] (Anjunabeats)
6. Kyau & Albert ‘Velvet Morning’ [Genix Remix] (Euphonic)
7. Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor feat. London Thor ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ (Anjunabeats)
8. Schala ‘Algorithm’ (Enhanced Progressive)
9. David Broaders & Density Fuzion ‘Breathe’ (Silk Music)
10. Kyau & Albert ‘Bend Girl’ (Anjunabeats)
11. Fatum vs. Judah ‘Ardan’ (Ride)
12. Same K & Muvy ‘G2’ (Statement)
13. Lane 8 ‘Midnight’ (Suara)

Push The Button
14. Above & Beyond ‘Alone Tonight’ [Jason Ross Remix] (Anjunabeats)

15. LTN vs. Stamina & Nikita ‘If The Stars Could Speak’ [LTN Remix] (Nueva)
16. Ramon Tapia ‘Yellow Submarine’ (Toolroom)
17. Above & Beyond feat. Gemma Hayes ‘Counting Down The Days’ [Marsh Remix] (White)
18. Vintage & Morelli feat. Arielle Maren ‘Sweet Surrender’ (Silk Music)

19. David Bowie ‘Let’s Dance’ (EMI)

Nick Sember Guest Mix
1. Arty ‘Inertia’ (Insomniac)
2. Robbie Rivera & Stonebridge feat. Denise ‘A World Without You’ (Juicy)
3. Nick Sember ‘Mezzo Forte’ (Anjunabeats)
4. Andrew Bayer vs. deadmau5 ‘Nobody Raise Your Weapon’ [Nick Sember Mashup] (White)
5. David Tort ‘Lost In Acid’ [2015 Remastered] (H0TL)
6. Lifelike & Kris Menace ‘Discopolis 2.0’ [Eelke Kleijn Remix] (Armada)
7. Nick Sember vs. Calvin Harris ‘Forthback’ [Nick Sember Mashup] (White)
8. Nick Sember ‘ID’ (White)


Group Therapy 119 with Above & Beyond and Ferry Corsten by Above & Beyond

This is music I love. Here is the soundcloud description below. Enjoy!
Group Therapy 119 with Above & Beyond
iTunes Podcast: bit.ly/ABGTpodcast


1. Fatum “Mandala” (Anjunabeats)
2. Depeche Mode “Awaken” [Jerome Isma-Ae Booty] (White)
3. Paul van Dyk & Rodger Shah feat. Daphne Khoo “Louder” [Myon & Shane 54 Summer Of Love Dub] (Vandit)

Record of The Week
4. Andrew Bayer feat. Asbjorn “Super Human” (Anjunabeats)

5. Rodrigo Deem “Helsinki” (Enhanced Progressive)
6. Ramil O’Shawa feat. Nina Sung “Pure Gold” [Jerome Isma-Ae Dub Remix] (Freegrant)
7. Porter Robinson “Flicker” [Juventa Remix] (White)
8. Alex O’Rion “Goddess” (Lange)
9. John Dahlback “Laguna” (ZeroThree)
10. Kago Pengchi “Cynical Orange” (Enhanced Progressive)
11. Michael Woods “Tequila Nites” (Armada)
12. Above & Beyond feat. Alex Vargas “All Over The World” [Illyus & Barrientos Remix] (Anjunabeats)
13. Cubicolor “Moments” (Anjunadeep)

Push The Button
14. Aquillo “I Gave It All” [Kyau & Albert Remix] (Interscope)

15. Stan Arwell “Laconia” [Talamanca Remix] (Elliptical Sun Melodies)
16. Indiana “Only The Lonely” [Fehrplay Remix] (Ultra)
17. Nick Karsten “Swinger” (Always Alive)
18. Shingo Nakamura “Small Image” [Shingo Nakamura Club Mix] (Otographic)

19. Marcus Schulz feat. Andy Moor “Daydream” (Armada)

Ferry Corsten Guest Mix
1. Ferry Corsten ft Chris Jones “Make It Ours” (Flashover)
2. ID “ID” (White)
3. CODE432 “Pathfinder” (Flashover)
4. Ferry Corsten ft Haris “Back To Paradise” [Flashover Mix] (Flashover)
5. Ferry Corsten “Tonka” (Flashover)
6. ID “Origami” (Flashover)
7. Serge Macoveu “Hordaland” (White)