Henry Saiz & Band – Ghosts (Transhuman Club Version) by Henry Saiz

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Henry Saiz & Band recently revealed plans for their ambitious Kickstarter-funded album Human and a first taste in the form of stunning debut single The Golden Cage. Hot on its heels comes the spectacular indie dance stunner Ghosts, with a host of stellar remixes.
Transhuman Club Version draws the original out into a brooding 9-minute-long techno opus, at first pitching the vocals down before they rise up, giving the effect of a male/female duet. Stuttering, distorted chords rise from the deep beat with delicate arpeggios, the track slowly swelling to an intensity before restraining itself. Its a subtle, classy rework perfect for those build moments in deeper sets. It should be noted that its this style that Henry Saiz & Band will be playing in their live shows, combining the most powerful elements of their originals with a tougher electronic backbone perfect for festivals, arenas and concert halls.

Infected Mushroom – U R So Fucked (RIOT Remix) by RIOT

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Infected Mushroom’s fan-favorite anthem “U R So Fucked” receives the remix treatment from fellow Israelis, RIOT. Working in vocoded lyrics, trance-inspired chords and massive festival trap drops, the “Army of Mushrooms” single gets an energetic reboot.

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– twitter.com/infected

Elias – Revolution (Liftboi Remix) by Liftboi

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Music is my drug. Listening to Elias for the first time last Tuesday I promptly became addicted by his amazing voice. Some hours later I had the stems of “Revolution” and started producing. When I finished, sun in Leipzig was already shining again. The goose bumps are still here. Thank you for the music, it gives hope in a world full of hate and lust.


Elias: http://eliassongs.com
Liftboi: http://liftboi.de


Don´t forget to check out the original: http://ift.tt/1UHLSKt

Interstellar – Main Theme (Lelectrolab Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Lelectrolab

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OST from Interstellar – Christopher Nolan
Remix by Lelectrolab
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Hans Zimmer – Our Destiny Lies Above Us (Monocherry Remix) Interstellar ost Dwld http://pdj.cc/flgL0 by Monocherry

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Monocherry remix on Interstellar Ost Hans Zimmer – Our Destiny Lies Above Us
Download: http://pdj.cc/flgL0

Hans Zimmer – Interstellar (Abandoned Remix) by Abandoned

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Here is our remix of Interstellar Theme (which is composed by Hans Zimmer)
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Out now: CFA046 – Slow Hearts – Kadur (Danito & Athina Remix) by Crossfrontier Audio

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ARTIST: Slow Hearts
TITLE: Kadur
LABEL: Crossfrontier Audio
CAT #: cfa046
RELEASE DATE: 2016-04-25

Breaking through and starting to make waves are the dynamic duo Slow Hearts, their electric productions have been coming thick and fast, bold and melodic, and tantalisingly more-ish. Supported by an enviable roster of DJ’s and artists, their tracks are causing nothing less than serious menace across the dance-floors of the world and beyond, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy it too.
Giving in to what the fans want, Slow Hearts get their debut EP for Crossfrontier Audio, and we’ve certainly got some treats in store for you. Two fast-paced original works see the light of day in Kadur and Caverlon, but the tracks certainly do most of the damage when used at night! We also get a heavy remix from the raising stars Danito & Athina, all via the hotly tipped Kadur EP.
With the Kadur EP, Slow Hearts get blood pumping fast. When you’re wanting a rhythmic and upbeat ride, Kadur holds the floor in suspense like few others and plays through nearly 10 minutes of deep vibrations, while Caverlon’s synths trickle in tandem with the tempo, enticing us with a sturdy rise to euphoria, all the while flowing in a rigorous dissonance.
Continuing to smash it, following on from the epic remix of Pankow and their Slwhrts track on 4 Years of Crossfrontier Audio, it was only right for Slow Hearts to give us more of their four-to-the-floor influence with this debut EP, and having released some killer tracks on reputable labels like Suruba and Motek, it’s high time we got it going.
On the agenda of proving points and making waves, Danito & Athina, another pragmatic duo have dealt the final blows with their remix of Kadur. For the CFA fans who can’t stop playing their well received Fire EP, Danito & Athina turn Kadur into a monolithic, yet punchy number, that imbues the big sounds we love and want to dance the night away to.
The Kadur EP will be released via Crossfrontier Audio and hits stores 25th April, for more information hit us up at [email protected]

How To Be Eaten By A Woman (Adam.01 Remix) by The Glitch Mob

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Stream / DL Drink The Sea Remixes: Vol. 2: http://smarturl.it/DTS2

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